Monday, 26 July 2010

Playing with Photoshop!

So I've finally made my foray into the world of digital images! I've played around with Photoshop before but this is the first time I'm dedicating time to learning it properly.

Here's an idea I came up with after reading a book on Art Nouveau, I was inspired by the use of bones and organic forms.

The initial sketch:

And here it is after a little tinkering on Photoshop:

It's still pretty sketchy, but even after just working on one image I'm much more confident with the software. And I really love the creepiness of this image! What is it...???!


Mrs. Katie said...

This is very cool, I love it! I think it looks like lungs sort of... but prettier? Hmmmm.

Laura Nuttall said...

Thanks Mrs Katie :)! I'm loving the symmetry (something I'm going to be exploring more) and the sinewy bits...and how it's kind of watching you with its wing-eyes. Watch this space for more strange creatures...!